In this section the submitted, public project deliverables will be available. The Executive summary is directly available for downloading. In case you are interested in the whole document, you may contact the coordinator through the dedicated website section. Project brochures, posters and open papers are also available here.

D3.5 – Data Management Plan

First FLOBOT brochure for IROS 2015

Poster in IROS 2015

Presentation in Technologie Forum, November 2015

FLOBOT presented in the European Robotics forum in Vienna

FLOBOT included in Manutencoop’s magazine

FLOBOT presentation in ISSA/Interclean

Wikipedia page of FLOBOT

GSA News article about FLOBOT

Reinigung Aktuell about FLOBOT

WebTimeMedia about FLOBOT

Batiment Sentretien about FLOBOT

Services Proprete about FLOBOT

Annual report 2017 of GSF about FLOBOT